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Nobel Laureate Bob Dylan once said – “All I can do is be me, whoever that is” - This is so very true of a singer on the other side of the globe ruling the hearts of millions by just being “HIM”. Yes! He is the enormously talented singer Rupankar.

“Music flows in my blood”, Rupankar reminisces “From my childhood, I learnt classical vocal from my father Sj. Ritendra Nath Bagchi and at the same time, Rabindra Sangeet from my mother Smt. Sumitra Bagchi. Soon I was ready for formal training from my Guru Sj. Sukumar Mitra in Classical Music and from Sj. Jatileswar Mukhopadhyay in Modern Songs. My first stage performance was at the age of eleven, with my mother beside me.” And thus the journey began.

The quest to find the right path was not easy. But he conquered the rough terrains through his music, his voice, and the right attitude. He has been a luminary for decades now - he makes millions laugh and cry, makes their adrenaline rush, stirs their inner soul exploding on the stage through his music. As his passion matches his profession there’s nothing short of being superlative - be it modern film songs or Rabindra Sangeet or any foot-tapping number – he is unbeatable.In the year 2013 he got the 'National Award' for best playback singer in the film 'Jatiswar' composed by 'Kabir Suman'

Music comes naturally to him, instruments delight him, lyrics and tunes inspire him as these are only an integral and inseparable part of “Being HIM” – “BEING RUPANKAR”….



Radio Mirchi Award 2016

Best Rabindra sangeet Album titled AVISAAR from Asha Audio

Radio Mirchi Award 2015

Best Basic Album titled Ekla Pagol from Kalieodoscope

National  Film Award 2013

Got national film award for best playback singer in the film Jatiswar

Composed by Kabir Suman 

Radio Mirchi Award 2013

Best Film Album For Jatiswar

Best Playback singer for E TUMI KEMON TUMI from the film Jatiswar

Best Male Vocalist for Basic Album titled Sudhu Take Bhalobese from Girona Entertainment

Radio Mirchi Award 2012

Best Basic Album Titled MOMBATI composed and lyrics by Rupankar from Asha Audio

Radio Mirchi Award 2011

Best Playback singer  for the song Govire jao from the film 22 she srabon

Radio Mirchi Award 2010

Best Rabindrasangeet album Tagore Timeless from Sagarika

91.9 fraindz Award 2011

Best Playback singer  for the song Govire jao from the film 22 she srabon

Zee Bangla Gourav samman 2011

Best Playback singer  for the song Govire jao from the film 22 she srabon

Pratidin tele-samman 2007

Best Playback Singer in Soap – ‘Sonar Harin’ (ETV Bangla)

Ananda Puroshkar 2005

Best Playback Singer for soap – Andarmahal (Akash Bangla)

Ananda Puroshkar 2002

Best Basic Album Bhokatta from Sagarika

Ananda Puroshkar 2001

Best Lyricist award




  • Successful trip in USA Bangasammelan and Singapore.
  • Successful USA tour in puja.







Albums released 1995 onwards (latest to earliest)
  1. Bemanan (comprise of 6 original song).composed by rupankar, Penned by chaitali , koushik and rupankar
  2. Formed a unique accapella band "Unison" and the debut album titled 'Maa has been released in 2018 puja.
  3. Apekhatei Ami singles from Musiana Collective
  4. Monkharap from Asha Audio.
  5. Acoustic Basic Bengali song Released from Rupankar Music academy
  6. Abhisaar Rabindra sangeet  from Asha Audio
  7. Sokol Kajer Kaji Najrulgeeti from Major 7
  8. Ekla pagol Basic Bengali song Released from kaleidoscope
  9. Sudhu Take Bhalobese Basic Bengali Song Released From Girona Entertainment
  10. Roots  Folk songs from Girona Entertainment
  11. Mombati Basic Bengali Song Released From Asha Audio
  12. Dui Dugune Prem Basic Bengali Song Released From Asha Audio
  13. Tomay Gaan Shonabo Rabindrasangeet from Orion Music
  14. Mohana Basic Bengali Song Released From orion Music
  15. Pathbhola Rabindrasangeet from HMV
  16. Faltu Basic Bengali Song Released From HMV
  17. Tagore Timeless Rabindrasangeet from Sagarika
  18. Anmona Rabindrasangeet from HMV
  19. Tui Jabi Kotodur Bengali basic Song Released From HMV
  20. Sadakalo Bengali basic album released from HMV
  21. Shopping Mall Bengali basic Song Released From Sagarika
  22. O Chand Bengali basic Song Released From HMV
  23. Highway Basic Bengali Song Released From sagarika
  24. Vokatta Basic Bengali Song Released From Sagarika
  25. Phire Eso Ruby Roy Basic Bengali Song Released From Prime Music
  26. Ganer Jharnatalay Rabindra sangeet from Bhabna Records
  27. Ami Tomake Chini Basic Bengali Song Released From Sagarika
  28. Anmone Amake Bhabo Basic Bengali Song Released From Sagarika
  29. Meghe Roddure Basic Bengali Song Released From Prime Music
  30. Bondhu Dekha Hobe Basic Bengali Song Released From Sagarika
  31. E Jeno Sei Chokh Begali Remake from Atlantis Music
  32. Tumi Shunbe Ki  Basic Bengali Song Released From Atlantis Music .

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'Ghun' - released from the film 'Purbo Poschim Dokkhin Uttor Asbei' (2019), Composed by debojyoti mishra.

'Tarikh' directed by Churni Ganguly, song titled 'Bondhu' , composed by Rocket Mondal , lyrics by Koushik Ganguly

'Sweater' directed by Shieladitya Moulik, song titled 'Aaj amar akash'  , composed & lyrics by Ranojoy

'Sajahan Regency' directed by Srijit Mukherjee, song Rabindra Sangeet ' Jokhn porbe na mor payer chinho'

Sung Mio Amore jingle composed by Anindya, lyrics by Srijato.

'Uma' directed by Srijit Mukherjee, music & Lyrics by Anupam Roy song titled  'Jaago Uma'

'Drishtikone' directed by Kaushik Ganguly , music & lyrics by Anupam Roy  song titled 'Keu Keu Jane'

'E tumi kemon tumi' directed by Nehal Dutta  music Tamal Chakraborty lyrics Smarajit Banerjee song titled 'Saramukh Roddur'

'Dharasnan'  Directed by Horonath Chakraborty, Music by Debyojyoti Mishra song titled 'Chorabali'.

'Samantaral'   Directed by Partha Chakraborty, music by Indradip Dasgupta song titled 'Dyakha Howbe Bole'

'Mayurakshi' Directed by Atanu Ghosh , music by Debojyoti Mishra song titled 'Mayurakshi-Title track'

'Michael'  a film by Sayrajit Sen , song title 'Metamorphosis'

'Govir Gopon Brishti' - Music by anindya bose, song name 'Eki labonye (duet)' 

'Biler Diary' directed by Biswaroop Biswas music by Raja Narayan Deb,  song titled  'Mario Na'

 Acted in short film titled Wrong Route by Koushik Sengupta.

 ‘Mondo Basar Golpo’ Music by Asok Bhadra Lyrics Prosen song titled Ami tomay mondobasi’

‘Sankhachil’ Directed by Goutam Ghosh  Abaar asibo phire, ‘Bhoy ki morone’ Bagged National Award for best film

‘Abby Sen’ a Film by Atanu Ghosh Music Joy Sarkar titled Eka Eka

‘Cross connection 2’ a film by Sudeshna Roychowdhury and Abhijit guha Music Neel Dutta titled ‘Nemeche Raat’

‘Arshinagar’ Directed by Aparna Sen Music Debyojoti Mishra jay bhese jay

‘Bastushaap’ Directed by Koushik Ganguly Music Indradeep Dasgupta, Lyrics Koushik Ganguly song titled Amar to golpo bola kaaj

‘Bitnoon’, a film by Sudeshna Roychowdhury and Abhijit Guha the song titled Jani Paltey Jay Composed by Raghab Chattopadhyay and Subhen Chattopadhyay lyrics Prosen

‘Balaseshe’ Directed by Shiboprosad Mukhopadhyay and Nandita Roy song titled Sesh Balay with Somlata Sil Acharya Music composer Anupam Roy

Ek Phali Rod – a film by Atanu Ghosh, Music composed by Joy Sarkar. 

A National Award Winner film ‘Chatuskone’ Directed by Srijit Mukhopadhyay song titled Setai satti  Misic composed and lyrics by Anupam Roy  

 Bagged National award for Best Male playback singer in the year 2015 for the film ‘JATISWAR’ directed by Srijit Mukherjee  composed and lyric KabirSuman. The song E Tumi Kemon Tumi another number titled Sohosa ele ki

‘Mrs Sen’ composed by Indradeep Dasgupta song titled ‘Chupi Chupi raat jay je chole’

Roopkatha noy’  a film by Atanu Ghosh, Music composed by Joy Sarkar titled Saradin ar Sararat                

Goynar Baksho‘ a film by Aparna Sen, Music composed by Debojyoti Mishra ‘Nodir Opare’

Maach Mishti and more’ Directed by Mainak Bhowmik Music by Neel Dutta named Dekha Hobe

‘Get Together’ Music by Jolly Mukherjee Lyrics Sumit Samaddar song titled ‘Purono Sakal’

Shunya Anka’ a film by Goutam Ghosh Music by Anupam Roy titled ‘Ei Dhushar chul nominated for national award

Tinkanya’ a film by Agnideb Chattopadhyay Music composed by Indradip Dasgupta, Lyrics.Srijato titled ‘tip tip tararara’

‘Bhuter Bhobiswat’ a film by Anik Dutta Music composed by Raja Narayan Deb song written by Anik Dutta 

‘Dutta Vs Dutta’ a film by Anjan Dutta music by Neel Dutta titled Tobu Jodi Tumi

Hemlock Society’ a film by Srijit Mukherjee  composed by Anupam Roy song titled ‘amar mawte’ composed by Raja Narayan Deb.

‘Asbo arekdin’ a film songs composed by Chandrobindu. 

‘Sesher Kobita’ Directed by Suman Mukhopadhyay music by Debyojoti Mishra

‘Charulata  2011’ Composed by Indradip Dasgupta, song titled Amay Ektu Aral

Aparajita Tumi’ by Aniruddha Roychowdhury. Composed by Shantanu Moitra and lyric by Anindya-Chandril. Song titled Rupkathara ra ra

Ganesh Talkies’ Directed by Anjan Dutta music by neel Dutta song titled Jhaal legeche

‘Namte Namte’ music directed by Sidhu Lyrics Srijato song titled Aye ghum jay ghum

‘22she Shrabon’ A film by Srijit Mukherjee Playback in a song named Gobhire Jao’ composed by Anupam Roy.  

A film ‘Chaplin’ Music by Indradip Dasgupta, Lyrics by Srijato. 

Abohoman’ a film by Rituporno Ghosh composed by Raja Narayan Deb song titled ‘cholte cholte tolte tolte’. The film was nominated for National Award

Well done abba’ a film by Shyam Benegal music director Shantanu Moitra lyrics swanand Kirkire duet song with Shreya Ghosal titled Sandesha

Film ’natobar Not Out’ by Amit sen music director Debajyoto Mishra titled ‘Megher Palok’

‘Cross connection’ a Film by Sudeshna Roychowdhury and Abhijit guha Music Neel Dutta lyrics Anindya Chattopadhyay song titled neeler kachakachi

A film named ‘Dashami’ Music director Debarpito song title ‘c’

‘Chalo Let’s Go’ film Directed By Anjan Dutta Music by Neel Dutta song titled Chupi chupi raat’ and ‘Ekta Hothath Paoa sokal bela’

‘Bong Connection’ a film by Anjan Dutta Music Neel Dutta song titled Bong Connection

Pitribhumi a film by Provat Roy Music Kalyan Sen Barat song title ‘Bangali ke chena jay’

‘Tin Ekke Tin’ music composed by Indradeep Dasgupta

Also playback in the films like ‘Bawal’, ‘Glamour’, ‘Ichamotir Golpo’, ‘Dakbaksho’, ‘Promotion’,   Khola Hawa’, ‘Mistake’, ‘FLOP’, ‘Romantic Noy’


Worked as a composer in Basic album with Srikanta AcharjyaSubhmita BanerjeeJojo MukherjeePrateek ChowdhuryGoutam GhoshShamik SinhaAnasua ChowdhurySampa KunduManomoy BhattacharyaShilajit MajumderRaghab ChattopadhyayLagnajita ChakrabortySomlata AcharjyaUjjayaniBabool SupriyoAmit Kumar and Shreya Ghosal.

Worked as music Director in The Film ‘Prem By Chance’ Directed by Sudeshna Roychowdhury and Abhijit Guha

Worked as an actor, play writer, music composer and Director in musicals like Hiralaler Bioscope,Jihaad29 she AprilCase DismissedOtho Megh roder Pala.

Worked as an actor in films like Manikanchona directed by Debalay Bhattacharya Telecasted on Zee Cinema originals



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