Nobel Laureate Bob Dylan once said – “All I can do is be me, whoever that is” - This is so very true of a singer on the other side of the globe ruling the hearts of millions by just being “HIM”. Yes! He is the enormously talented singer Rupankar.

“Music flows in my blood”, Rupankar reminisces “From my childhood, I learnt classical vocal from my father Sj. Ritendra Nath Bagchi and at the same time, Rabindra Sangeet from my mother Smt. Sumitra Bagchi. Soon I was ready for formal training from my Guru Sj. Sukumar Mitra in Classical Music and from Sj. Jatileswar Mukhopadhyay in Modern Songs. My first stage performance was at the age of eleven, with my mother beside me.” And thus the journey began.

The quest to find the right path was not easy. But he conquered the rough terrains through his music, his voice, and the right attitude. He has been a luminary for decades now - he makes millions laugh and cry, makes their adrenaline rush, stirs their inner soul exploding on the stage through his music. As his passion matches his profession there’s nothing short of being superlative - be it modern film songs or Rabindra Sangeet or any foot-tapping number – he is unbeatable.In the year 2013 he got the 'National Award' for best playback singer in the film 'Jatiswar' composed by 'Kabir Suman'

Music comes naturally to him, instruments delight him, lyrics and tunes inspire him as these are only an integral and inseparable part of “Being HIM” – “BEING RUPANKAR”….

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